Reviews on Elena Kalen’s Online Course
All photos and text reviews on this page are posted with the written permission of the participants of the "Nice Habits, Nice Body" Online Course.
Reviews on Elena Kalen’s Online Course
All photos and text reviews on this page are posted with the written permission of the participants of the "Nice Habits, Nice Body" Online Course.
Elena Kalen,
Author and Presenter of the Online Weight Loss Course "Nice Habits, Nice Body"

The results of the participants of the "Nice habits, Nice body" speak for themselves

You can lose weight without starving yourself, exercising and taking "magic pills". It is real and it is achievable. These ladies completed a training course and achieved impressive results. They did not expect this, and that made them even more happy!
Marina Ignatovich
I lost 9 kg without giving up on sweets! And this is extremely important for my psychological health! After the course, you don't feel like a middle link of Food-Toilet chain anymore. You learn to listen to your body and understand how much food it needs. I keep turning this technique into my daily habit while replaying video lessons and losing weight!
Natalya Dyagel
Good afternoon, everyone. The course is wonderful. I was never able to lose weight because dieting is nothing but a nightmare for me. And here you need to start to understand what your body wants. There are no food restrictions. I lost 6.3 kg in a month considering the fact that I didn't work out, I lacked time badly! I believed in myself. And although it's still a long way to my perfect weight I already love my body! Ladies, don't even hesitate! Take part in the course, and I promise you won't regret it!
Lyudmila Andreeva
Good evening! I'm a participant of the 10/02/2017course. I highly recommend this course to everyone! Don't even hesitate! Elena works miracles! I changed from the inside out in 4 weeks! My emotional health has improved, even my hair stopped falling out! I'm always in a good mood! I already like my reflection in the mirror! I lost 7 kg and keep on losing weight! Elena is brilliant! Such a heartwarming and pleasant person!
Natalya Khotina (Pakhomova)
I'm looking at all the reviews and I'm amazed by how many GIRLS took steps to achieve their goal, and how they already have positive results! Bravo to participants and everyone who helped them and showed the direction to building new habits for better life. Yes, I'll say it again, IT WORKS but only if you're taking these steps consciously!
Lily Khuzina

Good day. My goal is to lose 15 kg. I lost 2 kg in a week and that's okay with me, I'm in no rush. Apparently I just needed this kind of push. Just within a week I completely overhauled my diet. I still don't eat food with simple carbs and I don't want to. I’m losing weight even without exercise. I'm convinced now that all problems exist only in your head. I eat only when I feel hunger. Thank you.
Alesya Semenova-Borok
No matter how many doubts you might have about the course, it's still worth participating. You will get a slender figure and gain a lot of useful knowledge and skills. You will learn how to believe in yourself, and love yourself. Speaking from my personal experience, I can say that everything will work out if you follow the technique. It took me less than two months to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight.
Evgenia Sverchkova
Good afternoon) Within four years I gave birth to three children with a year's difference between them. I was constantly breastfeeding. I wasn't able to lose weight before next pregnancy, and during the next one, I gained even more. In the last two years, I gained 30 kg. The first three days of the course I was bored. I thought it was all nonsense and that I wouldn't last very long. I even asked myself, "How is Lena going to help me if she hadn't worked with such big curvy ladies? And then step by step, with every lesson it kept getting more interesting. And the weight started falling off. It's been 36 days since the course start and I already lost 10 kg, well done me! And I have no problems with breastfeeding. I am so grateful to Lena and Elmira for their WORK, and FOR THE HEARTFULL APPROACH!

Thousands of real results confirm the effectiveness of Elena Kalen's weight loss programs

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